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Era Care testimonials

"I’ve been able to settle here and it has helped me to start turning my behaviour around. I do education now and feel that I have a purpose. I get on well with the staff and can have good banter with them."
Young Person
"A very huge thank you to everyone for all the work, care, love and understanding you gave to my child and our family for just over 18 months. The way you have all been is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work you do and you were the best choice by far, for my child."
"The home has good communication and a good understanding of the young person’s emotional needs and show a deep understanding and sensitivity of how to manage these. I am increasingly impressed with the home. They are very committed and are excellent at advocating for the young person’s education."
Independent Reviewing Officer
"I would like to say a big thank you to you and your staff for being there for me and helping me to become a better person. You always told me to look to the future and that is what I do now. You were the closest thing I had to a family."
Young Person
"I am very happy with the placement at the home for the young person. She has settled in well at the home, the staff team manage her behaviour well and the placement is working well. She is not easy to manage, however she is making incremental progress which is very pleasing. I am very happy with the level of communication with the home and pleased with the young person progressing in relation to some independence skills."
Social Worker
"Thank you to everyone at the home. I really hope to see you all again one day."
Young Person
"I am very happy with the level of communication with the home and staff keep me informed on an excellent level and I have a good line of communication with the Registered Manager. The home have been very committed to the young person and stuck by her, through challenging and escalating behaviours."
Social Worker
"It’s an absolute pleasure to see the recent transformation in my granddaughter and cannot praise and thank the staff at the home enough. I feel that I have got my granddaughter back and for that I am so thankful. The icing on the cake was on her last visit to me and the young person sat at the dinner table, without her phone, maintained conversation throughout, there was no swearing during the visit and did not spend time in her room. She was a lovely young lady and the progress is tremendous. I hope that this will continue with the young person making progress. She looks so well now and has some aspirations. I cannot thank the staff team at the home enough."
"It was great to visit and see what you do, which is all fantastic by the way!"
CAMHS Senior Practitioner
"I cannot praise the manager and the staff team enough for their continued efforts in relation to the young person. Communication has been fantastic and the home has gone over and beyond to promote and maintain contact safely."
Social Worker.
"Thank you for everything. All the staff are wonderful and you provide an outstanding service. The staff are all so caring and helpful and provided excellent care for my son."
"You made myself and the local Councillor so welcome at the home yesterday and it was so helpful to speak to a young person. The Councillor and I found the home welcoming and friendly and felt that the staff were caring with the young people’s best interests in mind."
Local Authority Senior Practitioner
"Thank you for being so kind and helpful. Thank you for all you have done and helping me to where I’m at."
Young Person
"I want to thank you all for everything you have done and everything you have tried to do! I know it hasn’t always been easy, but hopefully now the young person can flourish. Many, many thanks."
"The team are friendly and provide a very good level of care for the young person. They worked well with the young person and their family and their demeanour and interactions with all parties are excellent."
"Thank you for being there for me, when I needed someone to talk to and when I didn’t trust anyone."
Young Person
"Era Care have been excellent in seeking to build a relationship and this has enabled the ability to reinforce a secure and stable base for the young person. Through the nurturing approach I have observed at Era Care, the young person has been able to explore and adopt strategies to manage his emotions that are appropriate and less harmful to himself; this has included seeking the support of staff at the home."
YOT Senior Practitioner
"The young person’s needs have been met by all staff and I can honestly say that the staff at the home have been wonderful. They have been very helpful and everything has been excellent. The staff really put the Young Person’s needs first. If I have any problems, they are there at the end of the phone to help me with questions and assistance I need. They have been excellent with the young persons’ needs, as well as mine."
"The level and quality of care for the young person is very good. I’m provided with concise weekly updates and all staff are very patient, helpful, responsive and confidently know the care plan for the young person."
Social Worker
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