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Era Care specialises in the improvement of behavioural, emotional and social difficulties in children and young people aged 11–18.

We are dedicated to working towards achieving the five ECM outcomes for young people in care. We have a track record of maintaining stable placements for young people with a history of multi-placement breakdowns. Through positive care and pathway planning, we give young people the tools they need for independent living.


Era Care works closely with local authorities and private education providers to facilitate educational provision that is suitable for the individual young people in our care. This may be mainstream schooling, special educational needs schooling, or in-house tuition.

For young people past the statutory educational school age, we seek college placements, national vocational qualification centres, work experience, as well as implementing our tailored semi-independence programme.

Therapeutic Care and Care Planning

We operate a robust care planning process that includes advice from our child psychotherapist on how to meet the individual needs of each child and young person.

Each young person has a key worker, assigned in agreement with the young person. Young people participate in regular key working sessions and residents’ meetings.

Our diverse, qualified teams promote a structured timetable of a wide range of leisure activities and life skills experience. As part of the care planning process, children’s cultural health and dietary needs will be assessed and sustained.

Where appropriate, we will seek the views of relevant family members on the care provided to young people.