Outcomes and Inspections

Care Philosophy – (Progressing Outcomes for Young People)

Our main purpose is to provide a high standard of quality accommodation in a small residential home for young people “looked after” by local authorities, who are unable to live with their families, by way of providing a structured and positive residential experience so that they can continue their normal routines i.e., attend school as well as keep appointments etc.

The service aims to be one that is inclusive and develops a realistic approach to the issues of everyday life. We work in partnership with other professionals to meet the emotional, psychological, health and future needs of young people.

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Era Care works positively towards “helping children achieve more” in all aspects of care for young people. These outcomes are:

  • Staying safe
  • Being healthy
  • Enjoying and achieving
  • Achieving economic well-being
  • Making a positive contribution

Ofsted Inspection Report, May 2023